When a surgial intervention is needed in cases of lumbar spondylolisthesis, stabilization surgery is recommended to patients. Surgical procedures popularly known as “platinum placement in the lower back” are replaced by procedures called closed techniques that can be performed with small incisions under X-rays (scopy) in operating rooms, by using small screws that fix the facet joints.

This type of surgeries can be performed in cases of Grade 1 listezis (stage 1 lumbar spondylolisthesis). It can also be used for fixing the joints in patients operated with anterior fusion, a surgical procedure in which the intervertebral spaces are completely emptied and then are filled with implants.

The first photo shows the closed pedicle marked under scopy; the 2nd photo shows, in metallic point marks, the implant placed between the two vertebrae after the removal of the joint from the space after microdiscectomy; and the side view shows the 2 facet screws placed to fix the joint and tighten the implants in their places.

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